The Ultimate Guide to Lesbian Wedding Suits

When it comes to weddings and the celebration of love between two people, there is no “one correct way” to do it, and nowhere is this truer than LGBTQ+ weddings. For the purpose of this blog we’re going to focus on what we know and have experienced, the lesbian wedding. Lesbian couples always seem to find truly unique and extremely meaningful ways to express their love for one another. One of the most stylish is with their clothing, by opting for lesbian wedding suits. In this guide we will look at getting the perfect fit, offer style tips, and talk about the benefits of going custom.

Finding the Perfect Fit

The most crucial part of choosing a lesbian wedding suit is getting the fit perfect. A well-tailored and perfectly fitted suit enhances your appearance, giving you the boost of confidence you want for your big day! Instead of buying off-the-rack and risking a suit that doesn’t fit you (because let’s be honest, when have you ever had something fit every part of you perfectly straight off the rack??) think about giving tailor-made custom wedding suits a shot. You will get measured by professionals and accurate measurements are the cornerstone to ensuring your wedding suit fits your unique body shape, providing for a flattering silhouette. 

Style Tips for Lesbian Wedding Suits

Couples have a wide range of styles available to choose from when it comes to lesbian wedding suits. You want your choice to reflect your personality while also tying into the atmosphere of the wedding. For a formal feel, a classic tuxedo represents timeless elegance and sophistication. You can choose the standard black or crisp, clean white for your tuxedo to further elevate your look. For a more casual wedding, a pantsuit can offer versatility and comfort. Your pantsuit can also be a wider variety of colors including off-white, cream or a splash of color. Whatever you choose, be sure to consider your personal preferences and the time of year you’re getting married!

The Benefits of Customization

To dive a little deeper, customization is where lesbian wedding suits really shine. By choosing a custom suit, you have full control over the design, so that every detail reflects your style and personality. These customizations include your fabric (is it a heavier wool for winter or a lighter linen for summer?), lapel style (do you want it pointy, rounded, thicker, skinnier, longer or shorter?), pocket style, button style, lining (which is where you can create a one-of-a-kind jacket no one else has), color and more! The level of personalization you get by going custom transforms your lesbian wedding suit into a unique garment and truly is your piece of art!

Where to Find Perfect Lesbian Wedding Suits

Hopefully, if you’ve made it this far, we have equipped you with some valuable information about lesbian wedding suits and have inspired you to take the next step. At M & M Suit Shop we’re passionate about helping LBGTQ+ couples celebrate their love in style. We help you create the lesbian wedding suit of your dream through a wide range of fabric options and customizations to truly make your wedding suit uniquely you! We want to ensure that your lesbian wedding suit is a perfect reflection of your identity and love. Click here to book your free 20 min consultation.