Transitioning your Wardrobe From Summer to Fall

Although the heat of summer is not quite gone, it is time to start slowly transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall. While I’m not ready to pull out all of the cold(er) weather clothing just yet, I am beginning to gravitate to autumn colors and dress with the idea of layering. Lucky for me, my work wardrobe has built in layers as I tend to spend my days in a women’s suit or at the very least blazers that are perfectly tailored to me. 

Tis the Season For Fall Colors: Work on your Autumn Palette while Transitioning your Wardrobe

If you’ve been reading along, you know red and yellow are both having a moment right now. These are perfect fall colors. You can either lean into their richness or go for softer shades depending on your preference. Adding in oranges, browns, purples, greens, and more neutrals like black and gray are going to give you a wonderful autumn palette to pull from. I saw an outfit earlier that was a beautiful dusty red blazer and skirt with a soft brown blouse and matching shoes. It immediately caught my attention as it was a nod to fall while still being cool enough for the end of summer. Remember you don’t have to jump from short-sleeves to sweaters, you can take the transition slowly. 

Layering for the Weather

Fall is one of those times where it can be cool in the morning and evenings and still very hot during the day. This is the perfect time to dress in layers. I do recommend having a few jackets of various weights that you can use at the cooler times of day. Cardigans, button-up shirts, and, of course, blazers are all great ideas to have in your wardrobe as well. Think about what you feel most confident in and see if you can move just one or two pieces towards fall. For example, maybe you love to wear jeans with a lengthy, long button-up shirt that’s short sleeved because it elongates your torso and shows off your arms. If this is the case, keep the jeans, but find a button-up in a fall color. Then grab either a blazer, a jacket, or a cardigan that compliments the shirt to wear when it’s a bit brisk. During the warm time of the day, you take off the outer layer and you are still just as confident as ever in your fall shirt. 

Don’t forget the Accessories while you are Transitioning your Wardrobe 

Scarves and hats are accessories that can help take the chill away, make your outfit pop, and can easily be removed as the weather warms up. However, they are not the only fall accessories that can help your outfit feel more like fall. Clutches are trending right now and are an excellent place to add in color and show off some of your personality. Keep your fall palette in mind, but also remember to have fun. Your bag does not need to match your outfit and can actually be a statement piece that compliments what you are wearing. Of course boots are in season for fall, but so are flats and heels that you can wear anytime, so be sure you’re picking something that speaks to you. Last, but not least, tights are a great option if your legs tend to get cold this time of year and you still want to show them off. 

As we begin saying goodbye to summer and hello to fall, take sometime to think about what you already own that can be transitioned into fall. I bet you have more pieces than you realize that can be turned into a beautiful fall outfit. If you are working with a fall color palette and neutrals that look good on you, you can easily create a whole wardrobe capsule that offers various layering options while tying in stylish accessories as well. 

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