Custom Women’s Suit Creation Steps

Our New Process

We have a new process for crafting custom women’s suits at M & M Suit Shop! We have recently partnered with a new manufacturer which has allowed us to introduce a new step to our process. We want to discuss these steps to help make the whole process as transparent as possible. We call our steps the “Consultation & Measurement”, the “Customization and Styling” and the “Final Fitting.”

Consultation & Measurement

This is your first step on the road to a custom women’s suit! We start with the consultation where we get to know one another, find out what you are looking for, and determine if we are a good fit for you. We walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have! Assuming you like what you hear and want to continue, we move directly into the measurements (instead of making it a separate appointment, like it was previously). We do this to provide you with a “mock garment,” a low-cost ($100) option that allows you to try on an actual garment at your next appointment. We do this for two reasons: first, so you can actually see what your custom women’s suit looks like on. Second, we can alter any measurements that need tweaking before your final piece is made. This should reduce the number and severity of final alterations needed. At the end of this appointment we will send you links to pictures of our fabrics so that you can start thinking about how you want your custom women’s suit to look!

Customization & Styling of your Custom Women’s Suit

This is your second step, and in my opinion, the most fun! Once we receive your mock garment, typically in a month, we will reach out to you to have you schedule this appointment. Here you will try on the mock garment and then pick out the fabric, lining, buttons, styles and customizations for your final piece. We pull sample swatches of the fabrics you like so you can see and feel everything before you buy. We also have a book of lining options you can look through, full of unique color and design styles to truly make the piece your own. We also show you pictures and garments to help walk you through the customization process. From head to toe, blazer to pants, we offer countless options, including lapel style and size, pockets, vent options and more! Bring us your inspiration pieces or pictures and we can help turn your vision into reality. Once you have selected all your fabric and stylization choices and feel good in your mock garment we will send off your final order.

Final Fitting

As the name implies, this is your final step! We reach out as soon as we receive your final garment, typically in another month. When you come in, we will have you try on your custom women’s suit for fit and satisfaction purposes. As with all custom clothing, there is still the possibility that some minor final alterations may be needed. If you feel that is the case, we do partner with a tailor who offers a discount through M & M Suit Shop. You leave this appointment with your completed custom women’s suit.

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