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Our Values

Mission Statement

Our mission is to embolden women by assisting them in crafting clothing that is truly and uniquely theirs.

Core Values

  • At M & M Suit Shop, we believe in elevating women’s confidence levels through custom-fitted suits and separates. With clothing that accentuates your individual style and shape, you can have confidence in yourself and your wardrobe so you feel equipped for any challenge.
  • At M & M Suit Shop, we are all about love and personal connections. We believe in getting to know our customers and through those interactions, helping people to love their body, life, and style.
  • At M & M Suit Shop, we take pride in our commitment to providing quality materials and timeless style that is affordable. Our team crafts custom-made garments with an attention to detail and quality that makes each piece a work of art.
  • At M & M Suit Shop, we support the LGBTQIA+ community and are a safe space and will never discriminate or tolerate discrimination.

The Catalyst

The Great Suit Debacle

Our story begins with us.

After getting engaged I knew that I wanted to walk down the aisle in a suit. As I began the process of looking for a custom women’s white wedding suit I discovered that this is a unicorn. The only things that existed were out of state and overwhelmingly expensive. That wasn’t an option for me so I was forced to start looking at men’s suits “tailored” for women. This is an oxymoron. Men’s bodies are not the same shape or size as women’s. They just use the same square, boxy male pattern and try to tailor the clothes to our body as much as possible. But it’s just that, “as much as possible.” And it’s never perfect. But it’s all that was available to me so I started the process of getting measured and choosing fabric.

Fast forward to me unveiling my wedding suit for the first time with my mother (whom I had flown in) only to see that it was ALL wrong. After I had waited a month for my beautiful white wedding suit they presented me with the cheapest, heaviest, BROWN wool suit that didn’t fit anywhere. So began my Great Suit Debacle. They immediately ordered the correct fabric but over the next three-and-a-half months (yes, you read that right), I spent weekend upon weekend going to the store and getting my suit altered and tweaked. At this point I just wanted to feel secure enough to be seen walking down the aisle, let alone radiating confidence and beauty. It was a lot of headaches, problems, and having to convince men that the suit should fit better….and it was exhausting!

When I shared this story with Morgan she was devastated. She had had such a fun and personalized experience shopping for her wedding dress. Then as we shared the story with other women we realized that this wasn’t just specific to the wedding industry but to business-wear as well. This is a market that needs fixing and we decided that we would be the first step to fixing it!

So M&M Suit Shop was born.


Colorful unicorn

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